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Alphabet Practice Worksheets A-Z

Early learning with fun activities is a wonderful way to introduce basic knowledge to your kindergartener or preschooler. One of the most important topics you should start with is without a doubt, the alphabet. No need to be a homeschooling expert to do it. I have some printable alphabet practice worksheets A-Z for you that are ready to use!

These alphabet practice worksheets include all the letters of the alphabet and are perfect for kindergarten, preschool, and homeschooling.

Alphabet Practice Worksheets A-Z 

Young children learn best when they are not aware they are doing it. That's exactly why I created these worksheets! They include several activities designed to keep children entertained while teaching them both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Each worksheet bundles 5 different activities that will develop spelling, literacy, and fine motor skills among others. Be sure to stock up on colored crayons and markers if you plan to use these!

Spell it! - Kids will need to write the letters in the empty boxes using the first filled one as an example.

Color it! - This activity requires children to color each object that starts with the letter currently being practiced.

Highlight it! - I placed the letter inside the table several times. Kids will simply have to find it in all the spots and highlight it.

Trace it! - Two tracing activities: One that requires tracing the uppercase and lowercase letters using the instructions (perfect for beginners) and another that will have kids trace the letters using the dots. 

If you are just introducing alphabet practice to your children or students you should definitely assist them until they get skilled enough to complete the sheets on their own. It's also a good idea to keep things light at first so if you see the kids are starting to lose focus switch to a more basic activity or just play some fun games. Childhood is amazing and so is playing!