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FREE Easter Math & Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten

Easter is such an exciting holiday for the kids and it's the perfect time to keep them engaged in themed activities that will later on make precious childhood memories. While no one can deny the importance of physical activities, the brain needs to workout as well (yes, even the very young ones!). That's why I am sharing an adorable set of free Easter math & literacy worksheets for kindergarten.

Today's freebie includes 6 Easter-themed printable worksheets you can use in your kindergarten classroom if you are a teacher or at home if you are a homeschooling parent.

I have so many fond childhood memories of Easter and while printable worksheets were not a thing back then, I probably would have loved playing with some. Hopefully your students will enjoy using them and ask for more!

Easter Math Worksheets For Kindergarten

If they do, I have just the thing you might need. The freebies come from two large activity bundles. One is focused on math and includes 40 no-prep worksheets just waiting to be printed and used.

The Easter Math Worksheets For Kindergarten bundle will teach your students or home-schooled children how to count from 1 to 20, add and subtract with 10, skip counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, 2D and 3D shapes, graphing and we're just getting started!

All worksheets offer engaging math practice activities perfect for keeping the youngest ones entertained and focused at the same time.

Feel free to check out the bundle and all the worksheets included, hopefully it's just the thing you needed for the kids this Easter. 

Easter Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten

The literacy bundle is just as fun as the math one and it packs 30 ready to use worksheets. There is a lot of coloring involved which means the little ones will definitely not get bored!

Even at such a young age, kindergartners are capable of learning many things, especially if we use a modern, interactive learning process that doesn't feel like a chore.

Rest assured, the Easter Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten bundle is nowhere near boredom as you will find easy and entertaining activities for learning how to read and write, CVC words, word families, beginning sounds, sight words, and so much more!

FREE Easter Math & Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten

I truly want that any teacher or homeschooling parent can have a chance to try some of these educational Easter activities with their children so I am sharing 6 free math and literacy worksheets.

These sheets are perfect for helping your cuties get a good grasp of basic math and literacy so here is what's included:

  • Easter Bonds (from 1-10)
  • Easter Counting (from 1-12)
  • Easter Color By Number
  • CVC Words - Write the Beginning Sound 
  • Easter Color By Word Family
  • Easter Color by Sight Word

Have you already tried these? Did the kids like them? Tag me on social media or drop a line in the comments section. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

If you didn't print these out yet, you can download the PDF file from the link below. Easter is such a wonderful time for early learning and dare I say, it can also be fun at the same time!

>> FREE Easter Math & Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten <<