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FREE Printable Back To School Worksheets for Preschool

The start of the school year is always exciting, especially for the kids. Ease back into the learning routine with these FREE Printable Back To School Worksheets for Preschool.

Whether you are a preschool teacher or homeschooling parent, these worksheets are a fun way to keep the little ones busy while improving their math and literacy. And yes, you can use them anytime of the year, not just when the school starts!However, the first days of school can be stressful for teachers so you can use this freebie to provide the children with some quality educational activities with very little effort from your part.

Printable Back To School Worksheets for Preschool Bundle

The free worksheets are part of a much larger Back To School Activities For Preschool Bundle. In fact, it has 100 engaging math & literacy worksheets packed with fun activities and eye-catching graphics the kids will love!

I really wanted this set to have a variety of activities for both math and literacy your adorable students can use to expand their knowledge and also have some fun in the process!

The literacy part offers essential activities such as alphabet picture tracing, letter tracing, color by number, and alphabet matching. Among the math worksheets you will find counting activities 1-10, dab and trace numbers, 2D shapes and many others.

These worksheets are black & white, ink-friendly, and ready to print! You can open the PDF file in the free Adobe Reader and send it to your printer from there.

FREE Printable Back To School Worksheets for Preschool

Whether you plan on purchasing the back to school bundle or not I would love for everyone to be able to use at least part of it, so I am sharing 3 free worksheets. Teacher high-five!The freebie contains dab and trace - number 2, letter C tracing, and alphabet picture tracing activities. If you'd like to give these free back to school activities for preschool a try, just click on the link below to download them.

>> FREE Printable Back To School Worksheets for Preschool <<

I have a confession to make: I love the smell of new school supplies! What's your favorite thing about the back to school season?

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