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FREE Printable Summer Worksheets For Preschool

Summer is the best time to make precious childhood memories. The warm weather is really good at distracting the kids way before the school is over. Keep them busy and entertained with these FREE printable summer worksheets for preschool!

Letter sorting summer activity worksheets for preschool

For teachers, the last school weeks can be a challenge as the little ones are getting restless waiting for the summer vacation. Since I started creating educational resources, I quickly realized that sharing them with others is the best way to make them truly valuable.

That's why I am super excited to share these free printable activities with you and I hope the little ones will have fun and enjoy their learning time.

Summer Math & Literacy Activities Bundle For Preschool

Learning with interactive worksheets is a very efficient way to make sure your adorable students enjoy their work for the best possible results. Today's freebies are part of a larger bundle that consists of 108 summer-themed worksheets.

When I created this summer math & literacy activities bundle for preschool, I wanted it to be fun, energizing, and educational, of course!

The included activities will help the kids learn and strengthen skills such as math, literacy, object sorting, shape and color identification, tracing, and more!

There are some really awesome worksheets in there and some of my favorites are summer number match, vacation train letter sort, and dot to dot summer pictures

FREE Printable Summer Worksheets For Preschool

I love how versatile printable activities can be. They are not just perfect for the classroom or homeschooling. You can also hand them over when you need a bit of quiet time, on a road trip when the kids are getting restless or as a rainy day activity!

Blue color practice worksheet for preschool

Today's freebie consists of 3 entertaining worksheets: "jump" sight word practice, blue color practice (tracing, coloring, and word building), and vacation train letter sort.

>> FREE Printable Summer Worksheets For Preschool <<

If you give these a try let me know how the kids liked them. i am always looking for feedback from my readers. If you have any suggestions, they are welcome as well.

Let the summer fun begin!🌴🍦😎

FREE Printable Summer Worksheets For Preschool