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FREE Spring Worksheets For Kindergarten

After a long, cold winter the kids might become a bit restless as soon as the weather warms up and these free spring  worksheets for kindergarten are just the thing you might need to keep them focused!

The spring surely makes the children want to spend more time outdoors which is definitely a good thing but they still need some engaging activities for the classroom or for home if you are a homeschooling parent.

I designed these free Spring worksheets with beautiful graphics the little ones can color while completing educational activities. It's an easy way to keep them engaged and learning in the most entertaining way.

Spring Math Worksheets For Kindergarten

If your adorable young students enjoy the free worksheets you might want to dive deeper into this spring-themed math & literacy practice which is great!

Feel free to take a look at my Spring Math Worksheets For Kindergarten bundle where you can find 40 engaging math worksheets you can use in your classroom or for homeschooling. These activities are also perfect for morning work and to keep early finishers busy and allow everyone else to catch up.

When I created this spring math bundle, I aimed for a complete and diverse set of activities that would be able to help our youngest ones get a grasp of basic math in a fun way. Some of my favorite activities from this bundle are ten frames, before and after numbers, cloud number tracing, and spring number-word match & trace.

Spring Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten

I am so happy to be able to share with you a set of Spring-themed literacy activities as well. It's just as engaging as the math collection and will ensure the little ones will get better at everything literacy while enjoying adorable seasonal graphics. I'd call this a win-win!

The Spring Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten bundle comes with 30 no-prep worksheets among such as missing lettersCVC tracing practicebeginning sounds, and word-picture match.

Even if you are a homeschooling parent you might want to give these worksheets a try! They are the perfect introduction to literacy and come as enjoyable games & activities that will keep the kids hooked.

FREE Spring Math & Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten

Spring represents the renewal of nature and celebrating it with the kids can be wonderful, and you can take it one step further if you add educational value as well. The freebies I am sharing include 8 entertaining activities, 4 are focused on math and the other 4 are dedicated to literacy.

They are super cute, but also black&white so they are ink-friendly and it gets better: the graphics are perfect for coloring and this will allow the kids to have fun while also improving their fine motor skills!

Simply download the freebies from the link below, print them out and you are ready to go!

>> FREE Spring Math  Worksheets For Kindergarten <<

>> FREE Spring Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten <<