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FREE St. Patrick's Day Worksheets For Kindergarten

Did you know Americans have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day since 1601? There are so many ways to honor this tradition and children love to be involved as well. Whether you are a teacher or a homeschooling parent I am sure the little ones will enjoy using some FREE St. Patrick's Day worksheets for kindergarten.


St. Patrick's Day is being celebrated more and more across the world which is great, because it brings such positive vibes! Today's freebie is just the thing you might need to bring the holiday spirit into your classroom while allowing the kids to also practice basic math and literacy.

St. Patrick's Day Literacy Activities For Kindergarten

The literacy worksheets from the freebie are part of a much larger bundle containing 30 activities so it's perfect for expanding the literacy practice of your little students in a fun and engaging manner!

Celebrating St. Patty's with the kids is the perfect time to mix in some educational activities and this bundle provides simple yet effective literacy worksheets such as R, L, and S blends coloring, color by sight word and by word family, sight words roll & trace, CVC words coloring, and many others.

The worksheets are packed with the cutest St. Patrick's clipart that kids can have fun coloring as they expand their literacy skills. Feel free to take a look at the entire St. Patrick's Day Literacy Activities For Kindergarten bundle where you can see all the activities included.

St. Patrick's Day Math Activities For Kindergarten

Math can't be neglected as it's very easy for young children to get a grasp of basic concepts through play. This of course, will help them a lot during school and later in life!

I really wanted to create an all-in-one St. Patrick's Day Math Activities for Kindergarten bundle so this pack includes 40 worksheets that will keep the little ones engaged whether they are in the classroom or home-schooled.

The bundle will ensure the children get to practice basic math concepts such as addition, subtraction, skip counting, number-word matching, ten frames, and graphing among others.

FREE St. Patrick's Day Worksheets For Kindergarten

These awesome free sheets come from the two St. Patrick's-themed bundles and I am very happy to share them with all of you! It's a great way to see if the kids are actually enjoying these activities before jumping into a more extensive practice.

Here are the 6 free St. Patrick's Day activities included:

  • Color by word family
  • Roll and trace - Sight words
  • CVC Words - Short a
  • Color by number
  • Ten Frames
  • Addition

The worksheets are ready to use so you and the kids can enjoy some St. Patty's fun and learning as soon as you download and print them out!

>> FREE St. Patrick's Day Worksheets For Kindergarten <<