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FREE St. Patrick's Day Worksheets For Preschoolers

Are you ready to bring a bit of St. Patty's ☘️ into the classroom? No need to worry if you haven't prepped anything yet. I have some FREE St. Patrick's day worksheets for preschoolers your little students can enjoy!

St. Patrick's Day Letter C Practice Worksheet For Preschool

There is no better way of learning than the one you actually like. That's why I aimed to create some highly entertaining worksheets our youngest ones will have fun with.

St. Patrick's is really popular with the kids so it would be a shame to miss the occasion to celebrate it with the kids. These fun learning activities are sprinkled with cute St. Patty's colorable clipart just to make them even more enticing.

St. Patrick's Day Activities Bundle For Preschool

Are you looking for a more extensive pack of St. Patty's-themed activities? I created a comprehensive St. Patrick's day preschool bundle that might interest you.

The 3 freebies you can download below are part of this bundle although there are many other worksheets in there, 125 in total to be exact.

I love (LOVE!) creating high value educational resources so I am always aiming to include a variety of math and literacy activities preschoolers can find enjoyable. This way, they will be open to learning all the included concepts.

Cute leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, and many other cute St. Patrick's graphics are in these worksheets so the little ones can celebrate even in the classroom.

Among the included seasonal activities you will find St. Patrick's Day word tracing, same or different, a fun maze, graphing, and the list continues! You can see all the activities included in this bundle by visiting the link above so feel free to take a look.

FREE St. Patrick's Day Worksheets For Preschoolers

You could say that sharing free printables is a hobby of mine and obviously I am sharing some from this bundle too. These free worksheets are perfect to use in the classroom but also for homeschooling or on a rainy day to fight boredom.

Triangle practice worksheet for preschool

Triangle tracing & bingo dabbing, letter C practice, and color by number 1-5 are today's freebies and these are perfect for bringing St. Patty's spirit in the classroom or at home.

>>FREE St. Patrick's Day Worksheets For Preschoolers<<

Whether you are a teacher or a homeschooling parent, click the link above to download the freebie. All the worksheets from this bundle are ready to use including the free ones which means the kids can get your full attention!

FREE St. Patrick's Day Worksheets For Preschoolers