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FREE Summer Kindergarten Worksheets for 4 year Olds

Summer comes with tons of fun outdoor activities for the kids: road trips, beach walks, camping and we're just getting started. More often than not the heat comes early so what can you do to keep the little ones engaged in the classroom when the sun is shining outside? I say let them enjoy these free summer kindergarten worksheets for 4 year olds.

These worksheets are great for morning work in your kindergarten classroom but also if you are homeschooling your kids, or if you simply need to keep your kids busy with some summer-themed educational activities to get through a rainy day.


Summer Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten

The last school days can be very distracting, especially with the summer vacation being so close. I created Summer Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten bundle to allow the little ones to remain focused in the classroom while improving their literacy with easy and fun activities.

Worksheets such as sorting lowercase and uppercase letters, picture-word associations, and letter-number sorting will help the kids learn the alphabet and continue to improve their literacy skills without too much effort.

You will find 30 different worksheets in this literacy bundle and all of them are ready to use. My ultimate reward is when I see the children enjoying these activities because honestly, that's exactly what I was hoping for. Give them a try, I'm sure the kids will love them!

Summer Math Worksheets For Kindergarten

Many children feel intimidated by math when they first go to school. Giving them a chance to learn it even earlier is wonderful because math games can be super fun and they won't see it as a chore.

This is true even if summer has already started. The last school days will be even more enjoyable if the kids get to learn while celebrating the sunny season!

I also made this Math Worksheets For Kindergarten bundle hoping it will help you keep your little students entertained and learning before school ends.

The 40 math worksheets are packed with adorable summer-themed clip art the kids can color while performing simple addition, sorting, subtraction, graphing, and other operations. 

FREE Summer Math & Literacy Worksheets For Kindergarten

Warm weather and lots of sunshine should be celebrated by everyone, which is why I am giving 4 free summer math & literacy worksheets for kindergarten. This way, all teachers can use this freebie in their classrooms!

The free set includes the following activities:

  • Summer Color By Word Family (-eg, -at, -id, -od, -um)
  • Summer Color By Word Family (-eg, -at, -id, -od, -um)
  • Summer Bonds (1-10)
  • Summer Counting(1-20) and Make an ABC Pattern

>> FREE Summer Kindergarten Worksheets for 4 Year Olds <<

    Did the kids enjoy these free activities? What other free activities would you like me to share next? Let me know in the comments or tag me on social media. Always excited to hear your thoughts!