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How to teach Sight Words in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is filled with constant learning. Minute to minute their little minds are learning something new! Teaching these little ones just isn’t the same as teaching older students who can spend 30 minutes or more on a task. Kindergarteners have so many skills to learn and you only have a few minutes to hold their attention to a task.

The problem with this for teachers? You’re constantly having to come up with new engaging and meaningful activities to fill their days. This is a huge time burden on your already busy day! This is where No Prep Printables come in! Imagine having ready to go resources at your fingertips for every skill your students need to practice. Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s possible with these yearlong no prep printables. 

What is a No Prep Printable?

 A printable is just that, a paper that can be printed and ready to go for your students to use. Printables are worksheets that target specific skills which allow students to continually practice their newly acquired skills. Printables are clear and concise, without a lot of overwhelming text, as well as fun and engaging for students.

 Printables cover a variety of early literacy and math skills. Not only this, they can also be used to help students practice their fine motor skills such as tracing and cutting, along with other general skills like color identification and following directions.

 The best part about No Prep Printables? They require no additional work for the teacher beyond printing it and handing it over to your students. No cutting out cards, putting together bags of materials or putting together activity booklets. All you have to do is print it and your students are ready to go with an engaging and meaningful learning activity. 

How do I use printables?

 There are tons of ways to use these no prep printables in your classroom! Here are just a few… 

  • Whole Group Instruction – These printables are great for having students practice a skill in a whole group setting. Just project the printable and give each student their copy. You can model how to complete a math problem, form a letter or write a sentence. Printables help students stay engaged in the lesson while being able to practice the skill being taught. 
How to teach Sight Words in Kindergarten
  • Small Group Instruction – There are so many printables to choose from, it is easy to pull exactly what you need for your small group instruction. Each group is practicing a different skill? No problem! Choose from hundreds of printables to find what you need to tailor your instruction to your students’ specific needs. 
How to teach Sight Words in Kindergarten
  • Center Activities – These printables are a quick and easy center activity which students can complete independently. Looking to save even more time? Slide the printable into a page protector and have students complete the worksheet using a whiteboard marker. 
How to teach Sight Words in Kindergarten
  • Independent Work and Assessment – No prep printables are simple for students to understand what is being asked of them. Students can complete them independently and then you can use them to assess students understanding of a skill or concept.
How to teach Sight Words in Kindergarten