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FREE Letter of the Week Ideas and Activities

The Letter of the Week curriculum teaches children to read and write through the use of a letter each week. The letters are taught in order, with the first letter of the alphabet being introduced in week one.

The curriculum is designed for children aged 3-6, and uses phonics as a teaching method. Teaching specific letters during this time is key because it sets up foundation literacy skills that will be necessary when learning to read and write down words.

How to Run a Letter of the Week Curriculum 

A letter of the week curriculum is a systematic approach to teaching the alphabet and the sounds that letters make. There are many different ways to do it, but most lessons should be about five minutes long for toddlers, and around 15-20 minutes for older kids.

A lesson usually starts with reviewing previous letters and sounds, then introducing a new letter. The lesson should end with playing games or other activities to reinforce the skills learned in that class.

The Letter of the Week is one of the best ways to practice letter recognition while also teaching the alphabet. The goal is for children to learn one new letter each week and be able to recite the letters until they are comfortable identifying them by sight without reading them aloud. The most important part of this activity is consistency and repetition.

What are Some Helpful Tips for Writing Letters During a Letter of the Week Lesson?

The Letter of the Week curriculum is a common practice in preschool and elementary school, but it can be used with any level of reader. The goal is to teach children the names of letters, their sounds and how they are written. This can be done with letter books or flashcards. We start with teaching the sound each letter makes, then go on to teach how each letter is written. We use a lot of different ways when we teach letters: songs, stories, puzzles, flashcards and more!

Tips for parents:

- Practice writing letters at home with your child.

- Encourage your child to illustrate their letters and always use their imagination when writing them.

- Create a space in your home where you can proudly display all of your child's letters from the week.

Tips for teachers and homeschoolers:

- Create a Letter of the Week Challenge bulletin board in your classroom that displays all of the students' work from the previous week's assignment.

- Encourage families to come into school and see what their children are learning about through this activity each week.

The Letter of the Week Curriculum has been very successful in helping children to learn how to read and write. The curriculum is a great way for kids to learn new words as well as improve their literacy skills, while also enjoying themselves. Not only does this curriculum teach children the alphabet, but it also helps them with reading comprehension and word recognition. The Letter of the Week Curriculum is simply a great way to teach children how to read and write in a fun, interesting and creative way!

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