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Llama Classroom Decor - Editable FREE Sterilite Drawer Labels

Sterilite drawers are a great way to keep classroom supplies well organized and adding labels to them can make things even easier. For me, looks are also important which is why I am super excited to share these editable FREE Llama Sterilite Drawer Labels with you.

I have gotten so used to using cute labels I can't even imagine how my Sterilite drawers would look without them.

Editable FREE Llama Sterilite Drawer Labels

Matching decor is something that always makes my day better. For this reason, I made sure to include both labels with llama graphics and simple labels with colorful borders. Feel free to mix and match them as you like. I have to admit I am also using them for my home office so they are wonderful for outside the classroom as well.

The editable labels are super easy to fill and you can choose between the PDF or .pptx (PowerPoint) version but there is also a version with prefilled items ranging from supplies to months, days, school subjects/topics, paper organization, and more!


This way, you can readily print as many prefilled items you need and use the editable version to fill only the labels you are missing. Classroom organization and decor need to be easy and fun so if you enjoy cute llamas and bright colors go ahead and download these FREE Llama Sterilite Drawer Labels from the link below.

FREE Llama Sterilite Drawer Labels 

Llama Classroom Decor Bundle

I hope you will enjoy using these gorgeous Sterilite labels and if you love this theme you might want to check out the complete Llama Classroom Decor Bundle.

This large Llama-themed classroom decor set contains these labels and 31 other resources for classroom decor, organization, and education, many of which are editable. Your students will definitely love this cute and colorful Llama theme and the editable sheets are super easy to customize in PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat.

Feel free to take a look at the complete product in my shop or on TeachersPayTeachers.