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1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE
1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE
1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE
1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE
1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE
1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE
1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE
1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE

1st Grade Morning Bins - YEAR LONG - GROWING BUNDLE

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Are you looking for the perfect way to start your day?  Try Morning Bins. Students can learn and play, and you can complete your morning tasks.

This is a GROWING BUNDLE! Each month I will add a new set.

You can buy the bundle NOW at the lowest price and get the rest of the months later for FREE. Monthly updates will be delivered to the email you used to purchase the initial order. Don't miss out! The price will increase each month.

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Each month will include:

  • 24 math, literacy, fine motor centers, and so much more.
  • students direction page
  • material list
  • 240 centers in total (for the year-long bundle)

 Months already included:

  • August + September (Back to School, Apples) INCLUDED NOW
  • October (Fall, Bats, Spiders, Pumpkins) INCLUDED NOW
  • November (Turkeys, Fall, Leaves, Fall Festival) - INCLUDED NOW
  • December (Gingerbread, Hot Chocolate, Winter) - INCLUDED NOW
  • January (Winter Animals, Winter, Snowman, Penguins ) - INCLUDED NOW

Months to be included:

  • February (Space, Hearts, Friendship, Bears) -  1.2024
  • March (Spring, Weather, Rainbow) - 2.2024
  • April (Garden, Flowers, Insects, Garden, Frog, Bugs, Bunnies)- 3.2024
  • May ( Bees, Ice Cream, Garden) - 4.2024
  • June (Ocean, Summer) - 5.2024
Why you should get this bundle:
  • perfect for Prek, Kindergarten, 1st grade (mostly used in Kindergarten)
  • you can use them for morning work, early finishers, centers, and more
  • black and white version included

You will have an abundance of options to choose from, ensuring that my students always have fresh and challenging activities to reinforce their skills.

Read what real teachers have said: 

      • Keisha W. said, My students love using the new resources that I found for them they were engaged in this activity and ask when could we have more. They wanted to know when more activities were going to be added and they were just really excited to play those games!!!! I love this!!!!
      • Edith V. saidMy students enjoyed using this activity as one of our center activities. It was easy for students to use on their own, and the variety was very nice.

      • Danette J. said, My students really enjoy these. I am an EIP teacher, and it is something I can use in different grade levels depending on where they are. They are fun and engaging. Thank you."

September Morning Tubs:

  1. Vocabulary: Students will read the word and follow the directions to build it.
  2. Syllables: Choose the words matching the syllable number and add them to the syllable card.
  3. Editable Sight Words: Follow the code to color each section of the picture.
  4. Sentence Scrambles: Gather all cards with the same picture, unscramble the sentence, and write it on the recording page.
  5. Fix a Sentence: Correct the sentence and rewrite it correctly on the line below.
  6. Draw and Write: Complete the drawing by following the steps and write a passage using the words in the word bank.
  7. Beginning Sounds Puzzles: Match the pictures to their beginning sound.
  8. Rhyming Link Up: Read the word on the backpack and place the folder in the matching rhyming backpack.
  9. Beginning Sounds: Look at the picture and dab the beginning sound.
  10. CVC Build the Word: Read the word and build it.
  11. CVC – Sort by Vowel: Grab a crayon box card, say the word, and place it on the correct card.
  12. Numbers – Count and Build: Count the kids in the buses and build the number on the frame.
  13. Numbers to 100: Find the picture in the puzzle and write the corresponding number.
  14. Number Order 0-100: Observe the number sequence and write the missing numbers.
  15. Count and Add to 10: Count the number of objects and complete the number sentence.
  16. Number Sense Puzzles: View the number on the apple and add the matching pictures.
  17. 2D Shapes Geoboard: Construct the shape.
  18. Count and Compare: Count the objects, write the numbers, and compare by drawing the correct sign.
  19. Addition Numbers 0 to 10: View the number and clip the matching number sentence.
  20. Number Bonds: Look at the number on the bus, decompose the number, and build the number sentence.
  21. Make a Pattern: Create the pattern using popsicles, crayons, or pencils.
  22. Build and Trace: Form the object using p dough and trace the word.
  23. Word Families: View the picture and dab the word family.
  24. SEL Puzzles: Match the real-life pictures to the emotions on the cards.

October Morning Tubs:

  • Fall Vocabulary Cards: Students will pick a card with a picture and say the word they see. Use the playdough to shape the word on the mat.
  • Long and Short Vowel Sound Sorting: Students will take a pumpkin with a picture, say the name of the picture out loud, and decide if the vowel sound is long or short. Place the pumpkin on the matching card.
  • Phoneme Substitution: Students will read the word on each pumpkin, change the beginning sound to make a new word, and build it.
  • Editable Sight Word Centers: Students will read the word on the card and build it using playdough.
  • Sentence Fixers: Students will read the sentence on the card, find what needs to be fixed, and rewrite each sentence correctly.
  • Grammar Punctuation Detectives: Students will pick a sentence card, read the sentence out loud, and write the correct missing punctuation on their paper.
  • Rhyming Words: Students will look at the paired pictures, say the name of each picture out loud, and clip the thumbs up if the words rhyme or thumbs down if they do not.
  • Missing Digraphs: Students will look at the picture, say the word, find the correct missing digraph, and clip it onto the pumpkin.
  • Sentence Pyramids: Students will pick a sentence pyramid card, read the sentence, find the picture that matches, and color in the matching picture.
  • Build CVC and CVCe Words: Students will choose a word card, map out the sounds they hear on the mat, use letter tiles to build the word, and write the word neatly on paper.
  • Fall Dough Pictures and Trace: Students will pick a Fall picture card and use playdough to shape and build the object shown, then trace the word.
  • CVCe Puzzles: Students will look at the puzzle page with CVCe pictures, say the name of each picture out loud, and place the word card in the correct spot to complete the puzzle.
  • Draw and Write: Students will follow the steps to draw the picture on their paper and use the words to write a passage or story about their drawing.
  • Number Puzzle: Students will choose a puzzle piece with a ten frame on it, find the pieces that show the matching number and word for that number, and connect all three pieces.
  • Coins: Students will look at the number on the price tag and color coins on their sheet to show the exact amount needed to buy that object.
  • Addition: Students will choose a card with an addition equation, solve the math problem, and clip the pumpkin with the right answer onto the card to show their solution.
  • 2D Shapes Puzzle: Students will look carefully at the shape and its attributes, and find the matching puzzle pieces with the shape name, number of sides, and number of vertices.
  • Number Bonds: Students will look at the number bond card, think about how the parts add together to make the whole, and write a number sentence using the numbers from the bond on their paper.
  • Difference to 5: Students will pick a pumpkin card, look at the number, and find the puzzle piece with the right difference equation to complete the puzzle.
  • Beginning Blends: Students will pick a picture card, look at the picture, say the word out loud, and use a clothespin to clip the matching word to the picture card.
  • Skip Counting by 10s: Students will look at the sequence of pumpkin cards, notice missing numbers, and write the missing number on the blank pumpkin card.
  • Count 1-100 Puzzles: Students will spread out all the puzzle pieces, start with the number "1" puzzle piece, look for the next numbers in sequence, and continue building until they complete the puzzle with the number "100.”
  • Pumpkin Patch Numbers: Students will look at the pumpkin card sequence, spot the pumpkins with missing numbers, and write the correct missing numbers on the pumpkins.
  • SEL Feelings Flashbacks: Students will pick an emotion card from the pile, think about a time when they felt that way, and write a short story or memory about that feeling and what happened.


Will this include holiday activities?
No. Each month will include seasonal task cards since many schools cannot celebrate holidays.

Did you include a black-and-white, ink-friendly version of this bundle?

What phonics skills are included?
Short a, Nasal a, Short i, o u, e and Short Vowel Review, Digraphs, Blends, CVCe Words (only decodable words, Science of Reading Aligned)


    • Your students can easily learn through play.
    • You don't have to search the internet for hours on end because you have the perfect bundle one click away.
    • You have a step-by-step plan for how to help your students.
    • You can use a bundle created by a teacher with 10 years of experience in the classroom. 


    • Save money that you'd spend buying individual activities.
    • Save time. Get your after-school hours and weekends back and spend more time with your loved ones.
    • Don't let your students fall behind. 
    • Practice a wide variety of skills.
    • All the activities are organized by scope and sequence and will help your students practice the phonics patterns you're teaching them, without getting overwhelmed.

    Disclaimer: This is a digital product that will be delivered via email. You will not be receiving anything in the mail. 

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