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Valentines Day Activities and Games for Google Slides
Valentines Day Activities and Games for Google Slides
Valentines Day Activities and Games for Google Slides
Valentines Day Activities and Games for Google Slides

Valentines Day Activities and Games for Google Slides

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⭐⭐⭐ Get 900+ Google™ Ready Slides ⭐⭐⭐ for preschool kindergarten and 1st-grade students at a special price! Your students will love to practice CVC words, word families, and rhyming words, numbers, and more.

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These Digital Slides can be assigned to your students and used for centers, review, morning work, and homework. These fun and colorful games will keep your students engaged and will make learning easier.


This SET includes 27 INSTANT Slide Decks for Google Slides.

  • Activity 1 - Beginning Blends (200 slides)  - Read the word. Type it. Use the square to cover the matching picture.
  • Activity 2 - Alphabet (26 slides, 1 slide for each letter of the alphabet) - Read the letter on the sign. Move the pictures that have the same beginning sound in the boxes below.
  • Activity 3 - Alphabet (10 slides) - Drag and drop  the locks on the right to match the uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Activity 4 - Math Addition within 10 (20 slides) - Use the number line to help you solve the addition problems. Type the correct answer.
  • Activity 5 - Math Subtraction within 10 (20 slides) - Solve the subtraction problems. Drag and drop the correct answer.
  • Activity 6 - Math Counting to 20 using Ten Frames(20 slides)  - Look at the number inside the heart. Use the yellow hearts to fill the ten frame and build the number.
  • Activity 7 - Math Number Order 0 to 10 (11 slides)  -Drag and drop the missing number.
  • Activity 8 - Counting by 5s (10 slides) - Counting by 5s. Type the missing numbers.
  • Activity 9 - Counting by 10s (10 slides) - Counting by 10s. Drag and drop the missing numbers.
  • Activity 10 - Number Words 0-20 (21 slides) - Look at the number on the sign. Build the number word.
  • Activity 11 - Teen Numbers (10 slides) - Count each dot on the ten frame. Use the circle to cover the number to show how many.
  • Activity 12 - Making Ten (10 slides) - How many more do you need to make 10? Type your answer on the box.
  • Activity 13 - 2D Shapes (14 slides) - Look at the shape. Cover the correct shape name. Type the shape name.
  • Activity 14 - 3D Shapes (21 slides) - Look at the shape. Type the shape name. Cover the matching shape.
  • Activity 15 - More or Less (20 slides) - Count the objects on each row. Which is less and which is more? Place the correct answer below each group.
  • Activity 16 - Counting to 20 (7 slides) - Type the missing numbers
  • Activity 17 - Number Sense - Ten Frames (20 slides) - Cover the ten frame that shows the number. Type the number.
  • Activity 18 -  Number Sense - Tally Marks (20 slides) - Using the heart, cover all the ways the number is shown.
  • Activity 19 - Graphing 1-10 (10 slides) - Count the objects. How many are they? Color the graph using the colored boxes next to it.
  • Activity 20 - Measurements (10 slides) - Color the blocks to measure the height of each object. Write the number in the box.
  • Activity 21 - Number Bonds 0-20 (20 slides) - Drag and drop the numbers on the right to make each number bond true.
  • Activity 22 - Ordinal Numbers 1-10 (10 slides) - Drag and drop the ordinal number indicated by the colored object.
  • Activity 23 - Syllables (13 slides) - Look at the picture and read the word. Count the syllables. Use the rectangle to cover the matching number of syllables.
  • Activity 24 -  Word Families - CVC Words (79 slides) - Look at the picture. Drag and drop the correct word ending.
  • Activity 25 - Sight Words for Kindergarten (52 slides) - Read the word on the sign. Type it. Build it.
  • Activity 26 - CVC Words (157 slides) - Look at the picture. Find and cover the correct CVC word.
  • Activity 27 - CVCe Words (111 slides) - Look at the picture. Build the CVC word.


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