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Phonics Worksheets Mega Bundle
Phonics Worksheets Mega Bundle
Phonics Worksheets Mega Bundle
Phonics Worksheets Mega Bundle

Phonics Worksheets Mega Bundle

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Grab this jam-packed Phonics Mega Bundle at a HUGE DISCOUNT! It includes 86 phonics printable sets for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade. You will get 6000+ ready-to-print pages, no prep required.

Purchase now and save 80% off the total price of the 86+ individual sets.

This bundle is perfect for centers, homework, morning work, early finishers, and more!

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  1. Alphabet Worksheets A-Z
  2. Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste
  3. Alphabet Play Dough Mats
  4. Alphabet Tracing Worksheets - Fine Motor Skill Activities
  5. Color By Letter A-Z - Letter Recognition Worksheets
  6. Find The Letter Alphabet Worksheets
  7. Alphabet Tracing Cards
  8. Correct Letter Formation
  9. I Spy Letter Sounds
  10. Alphabet Tracing Worksheets
  11. Alphabet Maze & Handwriting Practice
  12. Alphabet Tracing Worksheets
  13. I Spy Alphabet Letters
  14. Beginning Sound Cut & Paste
  15. Alphabet Hole Punch Cards
  16. Alphabet Directed Drawing
  17. Alphabet Playdough Mats 2
  18. Alphabet Clip Cards
  19. Alphabet Draw, Color & Trace
  20. Alphabet - Write the Missing Letter
  21. Cursive Handwriting Practice
  22. Alphabet Tracing & Coloring Worksheets
  23. 1250+ PAGES - Letter of the Week Activities


  1. Sight Word Practice Pre Primer
  2. Sight Word Practice for Kindergarten
  3. Sight Word Practice for 1st Grade
  4. Sight Word Practice Sheets Preprimer Sight Word Worksheets Pre k
  5. Sight Word Worksheets Kindergarten
  6. Sight Words Morning Work Worksheets
  7. Sight Word Practice for Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets 220 Pages


  1. CVC Sound it out
  2. CVC Picture Word Match
  3. CVC Word Searches
  4. CVC Color By Word Family
  5. CVC Color By Word Family 2
  6. CVC Word Family Sort - Cut and Paste
  7. CVC Word Graphing
  8. CVC Word Tracing
  9. CVC Rhyming Fun
  10. CVC Rhyming - Cut and Paste
  11. CVC Word Families - Say, Paste, Box it Up
  12. CVC Scramble
  13. CVC Beginning Sound Cut and Paste
  14. CVC Word Practice - Write the Beginning Sound, Write the Word, Word Search
  15. CVC Words - Trace and Sort
  16. CVC Word Family Sort - Cut and Paste
  17. CVC Word Families - Find & Color, Read, Trace, Write


  1. Find & Write the Diphthongs
  2. Color the Diphthong and Write it in the Boxes Worksheets
  3. Diphthongs Activities Picture Word Match
  4. Diphthongs Worksheets Sound it Out
  5. Diphthongs Worksheets - Color the Pictures
  6. Diphthongs Worksheets - Color the Diphthong


  1. CVCe - Missing Sounds
  2. CVCe Sound it out
  3. CVCe Picture Word Match
  4. CVCe Word Search
  5. CVCe - Say, Paste, Box it Up
  6. CVCe Scramble
  7. CVCe Beginning Sound - Cut and Paste
  8. CVCe Graphing
  9. CVCe Word Tracing


  1. Consonant Digraphs Worksheets SH, CH, TH, WH, PH, KN, WR, QU - Find & Write
  2. Digraph Worksheets - Sort Digraphs
  3. Digraph Word Searches
  4. Consonant Digraphs Worksheets - Sorting Activity
  5. Digraphs - Read, Color, Write
  6. Digraphs - Color The Digraph
  7. Write the Missing Digraph
  8. Paste the Digraph Under the Picture
  9. Digraphs - Picture Word Match
  10. Paste the Digraph and Write it
  11. Scramble Fun
  12. Roll and Trace Digraphs


  1. R Controlled Vowels Games - Sorting Practice
  2. R Controlled Vowels - Matching and Writing Worksheets
  3. Graphing R Controlled Vowels Words
  4. Unscramble Bossy R Words
  5. Picture Word Match
  6. R Controlled Vowels - Find & Write
  7. R Controlled Vowels - Sound it Out
  8. Bossy R Worksheets - Picture Word Match
  9. R Controlled Vowels Word Searches
  10. Bossy R Activities - Color the Beginning Sound, Write the Word
  11. R Controlled Vowels Cut and Paste


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