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  • Winter  Activities Kindergarten - Winter Math Worksheets and Literacy No Prep
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Winter Activities Kindergarten - Winter Math Worksheets and Literacy No Prep

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Are you looking for some fun and interactive No Prep Winter Worksheets for your students? This bundle will help you keep your sanity during this busy time of the year and will keep them engaged every step of the way.

This math packet meets Common Core Standards for Kindergarten. 


- Printable PDF - Winter Math No Prep Set (50 worksheets, 53 pages, 8.5 x 11 in)
- Printable PDF - Winter Literacy No Prep Set (38 pages, 8.5 x 11 in)

• Winter Counting -count the winter pictures from each box and color the matching number
• Winter Number-Word Match and Trace
• Hot Chocolate Number Tracing - read the number words on the cups and trace them
• Winter Number-Word Match (from. 1-8, Cut and Paste)
• Winter Number-Word Match (from 10-20, 10 blocks) - count the base ten blocks and color the globe to show the number
• Winter Tens and Ones Counting - count the tens and ones and write the number of tens and ones in the boxes
• Winter Counting (from 1-20) - counting by 1's
• Winter Mug Counting And Tracing (from 1-20) - count the mugs by 1's and trace over the numbers
• Winter More or Less - Compare the Numbers (from 10-20) - mugs and snowflakes
• Winter Pictures - Count and Compare (from 1-10) - count the group that has more items (mittens, scarfs, evergreen trees etc)
• Skip Counting Snowmen - Skip Count by 2’s (from 2-40)
• Skip Counting Igloos- Skip Count by 5’s (from 5-100)
• Before and After Snowflake Numbers (from 8-20)
• What Number Comes Between The Mittens (from 1-20) - write the missing number on the hats
• Odd Or Even - Cut and Paste The Mittens In The Correct Box
• Odd or Even Coloring - color the odd numbers blue and the even numbers yellow
• Winter Patterns (AB, AAB, ABC, ABBC, make your own)
• Skip Counting Signs - Skip Count by 10’s (from 10-100)
• Winter Make A Pattern - Cut and paste to finish the pattern
• 10 Frames - Fill in the frames to match the numbers on the hats (from 1-10)
• 10 Frames - Fill in the frames to match the numbers on the signs (from 11-20)
 10 Frames - Count the snowflakes and write the number on the hat (from 1-10)
• Winter Ten Frames - Count the mittens and write the number on the sign (from 11-19)
• Let’s Make 10 - Complete the ten frames to make 10
• 10 Frames - Missing Addend (from 1-10)
• 10 Frames - Missing Addend (from 11-20)
• 10 Frames - Adding With Ten (solve the problems and write the results on the mugs)
• Addition True Or False (from 1-10) - Color The Igloo
• Winter Subtraction (1-10)
• Missing Addend (solve the problem and write the missing number)
• Counting Tallies - count the tally marks on each snowman and cut and paste the correct answer
• 10 Frames - Compare The Numbers (count the dots and write the total number below. Compare each pair)
• Winter Addition (from 1-10) - solve the problems and write the results on each snowman
• Compare and Color The Numbers (from 11-20)
• Count and Graph Winter Pictures
• Winter Measurements - cut out the snowflake ruler and measure the length of each picture
• Tallest or Shortest
• Trace the 2D Shapes
 Winter Addition (from 1-10) - count the items in each box and add them together
• Winter Counting - color the pictures to match the number
• Winter Ordinal Numbers
• Number Tracing Practice (1-9)
• Number Order 10-20 - cut and paste the numbers in order
• Count The Winter Objects
• Winter Tracing
• Winter Same Or Different
• Winter Snowman Bonds (from 2-10)
• Winter Snowman Bonds (from 12-20)
 Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching (3 pages)
• Missing Uppercase Letters
• Missing Lowercase Letters
• ABC Tracing Practice
• Winter Color Words
• What's My Sound (A-Z) (4 pages)
• Winter Words - Write The Beginning Sound
• Find And Color (A-Z) - Beginning Sounds  (6 pages)
• Beginning and Ending Sounds (Short a)
• Beginning and Ending Sounds (Short e)
• Beginning and Ending Sounds (Short i)
• Beginning and Ending Sounds (Short o)
• Beginning and Ending Sounds (Short u)
• Building A Word (CVC Words)  (2 pages)
• CVC Word Letter Find (4 pages)
• Roll And Trace - Sight Words (2 pages)
• Sight Word Hats - Color By Sight Word
• Sight Word Mugs- Color By Sight Word
• Write The Word - Word Families (-at, -ug)
• Word Families (-et, -in, -an) - Color It!
• I Can Write About Winter! - Writing Practice
• Answer Key
• Terms Of Use, Credits, Printing Instructions