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Fall Math and Literacy BUNDLE, Fall Activities For Kindergarten

Fall Math and Literacy BUNDLE, Fall Activities For Kindergarten

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Are you looking for some fun and interactive No Prep Fall Worksheets for your kindergarten students? This bundle will help you keep your sanity during this busy time of the year and will keep them engaged every step of the way.

This packet meets Common Core Standards for Kindergarten. 


- Printable PDF - Fall Math No Prep Set (40 worksheets, 8.5 x 11 in)
- Printable PDF - Fall Literacy No Prep Set (30 worksheets,s, 8.5 x 11 in)


•  Fall Color By Number, Addition and Subtraction (1 to 10) Use the code below to color the picture.
•  Fall Counting (1 to 20) and Make an ABC Pattern Count from 1 to 20 and write the missing
numbers on the signs.
•  Fall Skip Counting by 2's 
•  Fall Skip Counting by 5's
•  Fall Skip Counting by 10's
•  Odd Or Even Coloring Color the odd numbers red and the even numbers green.
•  Fall Counting - Count the objects in each box. Color the matching number.
•  Fall Make a Pattern - Cut and paste the pictures at the bottom of the page to finish the patterns. Color.
•  Fall Graphing - Create a graph using the pictures below.
•  Fall Graph and Tally - Count the pictures below and each time you see an image, make a tally mark.
•  Before and After Numbers (from 2 to 15) - Write the numbers that come before and after the number on the pumpkin.
•  Before and After Numbers (from 16 to 30) - Write the numbers that come before and after the number on the cloud.
•  What Comes Between - Cut and paste the missing number that comes in between the numbers on the apples.
•  Fall Bonds - Find the missing numbers. Color the pictures.
•  Fall Addition
•  Fall Subtraction
•  Fall Addition - Count and Add - Count the items in each box and solve the problem.
•  Fall Subtraction - Solve and Color - Solve the problems and write the results.
•  2D Shapes - How Many Corners - Trace the 2D shapes and count the corners. Color the matching number.
•  Telling Time To The Hour - Draw the hands on the clock to match the digital clock.
•  Write the Number-Word (1-10) - Look at the numbers on the signs. Write the number word.
•  Number-Word Match (11-20) - Look at the number. Color the matching number word.
•  Missing Addends - Solve the problem and write the missing number.
•  Fall Base 10 Number - Look at the sign and color the box that matches the number.
•  Fall Number Match - Ten Frames Base  - Count the dots. Draw a line from the pumpkin to its’ matching base ten blocks.
•  Let's Make 10 - Complete the ten frames to make 10. Finish the number sentence.
•  Ten Frame Fun - Count and Color - Count the ten frames. Color the matching number.
•  Fall Ten Frames (11-20) - Fill in the ten frames to match the numbers on the signs.
•  Number Sorting - Cut and paste the numbers in the correct boxes.
•  Fall More or Less - Compare each pair of numbers and write the correct equality sign in the middle.
•  Number-Word Trace - Count the dots on each domino. Trace the number words.
•  Fall Ordinal Numbers 
•  Missing Numbers 
•  Answer Key


• Fall Vocabulary – Color The Words -Color each picture with the color that is below it.
• Fall – Color By Sight Word - must, please, came, went, saw, ate, into, be, this, under, did, will, they, was, what, want, out, ride, but, four, yes, get
• Fall – Color By Word Family -ug, -im, -up, -ox, -ed, -am, -ag, -ix, -ad, -en, -ud, -id, -od
• Fall Vocabulary – Write the Beginning Sound - Color each picture. Write the beginning sound for each word below the picture.
• Rhyming Words Matching - Look at the picture. Draw a line to match the picture on the left with its’ matching rhyming pair on the right.
• Fall Rhyming Words - Look at the first picture in each row. Color the words that rhyme on the line.
• Word Families Practice – Say It. Connect It. Write It. - Look at the picture, connect the apples to make the word. Write the letters in the boxes.
• Fall S Blends - Look at the picture. Cut and glue the correct beginning blend below the picture.
• Color By Blend – L Blends - Use the code below to color the pictures.
• Fall R Blends - Look at the pictures. Color the R blend of each word.
• Long or Short Vowel – Cut and Paste - Long u or Short u - Cut and paste the pictures in the correct box.
• Long or Short Vowel – Color the Pictures - Look at the pumpkin on each row. Color the pictures that have the same short vowel on the line.
• Sight Word Count - Search for the sight words below. Count the number of sight words and write the number you counted on the line.
• Sight Word Reading, Coloring and Writing - Read the sight word. Then, color it and write it.
• How Many Syllables - Look at the picture and read the word. Write the number of syllables in the box.
• I can Write About Fall - Draw a picture of an apple pie and describe it below.
• I can Write About Fall - Look at the picture and describe it below.
• CVC Words - Color By Middle Sound - Look at the sunower in each row. Color the pictures that have the same short vowel on the line
• CVC Words – Beginning Sounds - Look at the picture on the pumpkin and write the missing beginning sound of each word. Color the pictures.
• Color CVC Words – Short a - Look at the picture and say its name. Color the matching word.
• Color CVC Words – Short i - Look at the picture and say its name. Color the matching word.
• CVC Sentences - Look at the picture and write the missing letters in the boxes to complete the sentence. Write the sentence below.
• Answer Key
• Credits