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The Ultimate Science of Reading ENDLESS BUNDLE - K to 2nd Grade - Digital Download
The Ultimate Science of Reading ENDLESS BUNDLE - K to 2nd Grade - Digital Download
The Ultimate Science of Reading ENDLESS BUNDLE - K to 2nd Grade - Digital Download
The Ultimate Science of Reading ENDLESS BUNDLE - K to 2nd Grade - Digital Download

The Ultimate Science of Reading ENDLESS BUNDLE - K to 2nd Grade - Digital Download

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FLASH SALE! The Ultimate Science of Reading ENDLESS BUNDLE JUST $231! ($2100 VALUE)

Grab The Ultimate Science of Reading ENDLESS BUNDLE JUST $231! ($2100 VALUE)! Hurry up, time is running out! 

 Save big time with this huge, year-long bundle aligned with the Science of Reading! This all-in-one bundle covers everything you need to practice blending, segmenting, and even comprehension. 

 The Ultimate Science of Reading ENDLESS BUNDLE includes all my Science of Reading resources in my store. If you want to implement the science of reading in your classroom, this bundle is for you.

 This is an ENDLESS BUNDLE. Endless meaning that all Science of Reading Products that MyNerdyTeacher creates in the future will be added to this bundle. Lock in this amazing price.

This bundle includes my best-selling resources with over 5,000 teacher reviews! Check out this incredible value included in this bundle.

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Your students will have a blast with these activities. 

    • Your students will become strong readers using these science of reading-aligned activities.
    • Low Prep
    • Organized by Scope and Sequence. These activities will help your students practice the phonics patterns you're teaching them.
    • Perfect for morning work, centers, homework, and more
    • Perfect for Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd Grade students
    • CCSS and TEKS Aligned

Read what real teachers have said: 

      • Cheryl B. said: “I love this resource. These activities are a great way to practice skills during our small groups. I like the variety of activities included in each worksheet. My students are enjoying completing them and they are getting great practice. Thank you for a quality resource."
      • Julie C. said: "I am absolutely blown away by how comprehensive this product is. I am so happy I purchased it. Not only can I use it with struggling readers, but it can also be used with my dyslexic students as well. Thank you for a great product. Keep up the great work."
      • Tiffany R. said: "OMG! I love this bundle so much! Our students are doing incredible and blowing us away. I have been hiding tears some days as I hear them read!"

 This will be your go-to bundle for everything you need in one product, making it perfect for homework, intervention, centers, and morning work.


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12/7/2022 - Decodable Readers Books, Reading Comprehension and Word Work 

12/7/2022 - Sentence Pyramids (Printable + Digital)

1/4/2023 - SOR Phonics Intervention (Editable)

1/4/2023 - SOR Activities: Look Alike Sentences and Words

1/4/2023 - Science of Reading Game Board with Decodable Words (Editable)

1/4/2023 - Decodable Fluency Flash Cards

1/4/2023 - Sight Word Sentence Pyramids - Decodable (Prek - 3rd Grade) 

2/12/2023 - Decodable Foldable Mini Books MEGA BUNDLE (Editable)

- Decodable Words and Sentences Strips MEGA BUNDLE (Editable)

- SOR Aligned Label & Write Mega Bundle (Editable)

- Spin & Read Decodable Words and Sentences MEGA BUNDLE

- Decodable Passages with Multisyllabic Words (Editable)

3/24/2023 -


  • CVC Words (53 pages) - organized by word family and by short vowel
  • Blends (84 pages):
    • S Blends: sk, sl, st, s, sn, mixed S Blends
    • L Blends: bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, mixed L Blends
    • R Blends: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, mixed R Blends
    • shr, thr
    • Ending Blends: mp, nd, st, ft, sp, sk, nt, nch, ct, lk, lt
    • str
    • spl
    • spr
    • scr
    • Mixed Ending Blends
  • Floss+z Rule (7 pages): ss, ff, ll, zz, mixed words
  • Digraphs (16 pages): sh, th (voiced and unvoiced), ck, qu, Mixed Digraphs
  • Nasal Blends (19 pages): nk, ng
  • Long Vowels (34 pages): a-e, i-e, o-e, e-e, u-e, mixed long vowels u-e /oo/
  • R Controlled Vowels (21 pages): ar, er, or, ir /er/, ur /er/, mixed R controlled vowels, -ear/er/, ore /or/, our /or/, oor /or/
  • Vowel Pairs (57 pages) & Diphthongs (55 pages):
    • ai
    • ay
    • ee
    • ea
    • oa
    • ey
    • eigh
    • ie
    • ow
    • oe
    • ai/ay
    • ee/ea
    • oa/ow
    • mixed vowel pairs
    • oo (as in zoo)
    • oo (as in book)
    • mixed oo
    • ou
    • oi
    • oy
    • aw
    • ou/aw
    • oi/oy
    • ue
    • ew
    • ui
    • au
    • ow
    • aw/au
    • ough/ought
    • mixed diphthongs
  • Other Sounds (24 pages): kn, /z/ spelled s, wr, ve, tch, ed /t/, ed /d/, ed /ed/, le, /j/ spelled g, /s/ spelled c, ge, dge, gh, ph, ce, se, mb, tion


  • Your students can easily learn through play.
  • You don't have to search the internet for hours on end because you have the perfect bundle one click away.
  • You have a step-by-step plan for how to help your students.
  • You can use a bundle created by a teacher with 10 years of experience in the classroom. 


  • Save money that you'd spend buying individual activities.
  • Save time. Get your after-school hours and weekends back and spend more time with your loved ones.
  • Don't let your students fall behind. 
  • Practice a wide variety of skills.
  • All the activities are organized by scope and sequence and will help your students practice the phonics patterns you're teaching them, without getting overwhelmed.


Disclaimer: This is a digital product that will be delivered via email. You will not be receiving anything in the mail. 

This is a huge bundle. All files are stored in Dropbox and Google Drive. You do not need a dropbox or Google Drive account to access them, all the files are stored in my account and you have lifetime access to these files).

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